Monday, February 1, 2016

Let's begin again, shall we?

Well hello to you!

Remember me, a blast from the past? Yes, it has been a while since I have graced this blog to spill thoughts out about this thing we call adoption. A long while.

2012 I entered public service as a school board trustee and since that time life has moved at warp speed. I feel as if I have gone back to school in a sense as each and every day I am reading, researching, speaking with the community, chatting it up with students about the intricacies of how school districts are run. It has been quite the education and to be honest, I am loving what I am doing.

With that said, understand that it has also been quite time consuming: governance workshops, conferences, symposiums, more research, trainings, working dinners, 100+ meetings in the first two years and 40+ last year (most school boards meet once a month with occasional special board meetings perhaps 4-6 times a year).

Oh, did I mention that we unified two school districts while serving on separate boards until the merge became official the summer after we were elected? Now that experience could become an interesting writing experience as it is not one of the easiest feats in the universe, nor is there a book on how-to-unify. But that is an entirely different blog, one I may write some years down the line. Perhaps.

With all of this learning under my belt, I have finally had an opportunity to come up for air and find that life I had before I was a public servant. The one where I was a woman with years of experience and positivity to share on this vast topic we call adoption. In my absence, I have seen you looking, reading, liking, and supporting A Birth Mother Voice on various social media sites that exist in our daily lives. I thank you for always reminding me that taking that leap in writing my book and then starting this blog was something that would only enlighten my life and the journey I am continually on, and apparently I am not alone.

So hello to the faithful, welcome to the new ones and if you are just scrolling today and came upon this, check back in a couple of days as I have already been composing some ideas into posts that may interest you. Those who know me often wonder just what may come out of my mouth, and I think that is a good thing. :)


Lilli Hazard said...

Welcome back!

Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

Thank you, and great to see YOUR mane again. It's been far too long.

Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

Not mane, name! It's late, sorry.