Thursday, April 7, 2011

Almost There!!!!!!!!!

So ... I am just under 24 hours before I board that plane for Colorado where I get to meet more amazing people in the adoption world! (Not to mention more Birth Mothers ... YAY!!!) I just cannot tell you how excited I am to be attending this conference, and most of all letting my voice be heard in a postive kind of way!!!

Here are the details again if you are near Littleton or wonder what the heckalecka I am talking about!

If you would like to attend and have not registered, here is a link to all the information you need to do so:

And here is the schedule for the day if you are interested in attending ....
9:00 Check- in- drop kids off at the Nursery Area. Come get your registration packet, class descriptions, goodie bags and ID tags. Make sure to give proper instructions about your kids to the babysitters on staff, if needed.

9:15 Profiles Plus – Learn ways to maximize your profile exposure on the web with help of SEO and all avenues on the net. Develop Pass-Along Cards, learn creative and effective ways to tell friends & learn who to leave your cards with. Learn the in’s and outs of blog etiquette and how not to offend potential expectant parents while staying true to who you are.

Open Adoption Success- Listen as Adoptive Parents and their birth parents share their keys to openness and what works for them. Open Adoptions can be tricky as emotions run high but, after this class you may realize how simple and wonderful open adoption relationships can be.

10:00 Infertility: Help, Hope & Healing- Kirsten Daynes (Author ) shares her insight about how working through their infertility and how it affects marriage and relationships with others. She gives guidance that will help all those experiencing this life-changing event and leaves you with motivation and inspiration.

Life After Placement- Jessalynn Speight, placed her baby girl 3 years ago and has blasted into the Adoption Outreach world by starting, starting a non-profit birth mother scholarship program( and much more), becoming a wife and keeping a healthy relationship with her daughter’s Adoptive Parents. Learn some secrets of post-placement success from this motivating woman!

11:00 Adoptees Panel – Adopted adults and teens speak on their outlook about being an adopted individual. They share details about how they view and feel about their birth parents, life experiences and adoptive parents.

12:00- Lunch- in Cultural Hall

1:00 Advocating-4-Adoption – Corrine Christian( FSA Central Region Chair)-Learn how birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees can advocate for the cause of adoption. Get ideas on HOW to share your love of adoption with anyone you meet, educate in classrooms about the Option of Adoption, make Media contacts, become involved in all areas of outreach and education by developing a rapport with your agencies outreach program and FSA! Make a Difference!

Love After Loss- Tommy and Annie’s story will inspire anyone who has experienced a failed placement. Listen as they share how their heartaches turned into joy after multiple “Almost Miracles”. Their view on how they endured strengthened their marriage and made the adoption of their son, Judd much sweeter!

2:00 Birth Parent Panel- Birth Mothers & Fathers speak on why they chose adoption, the difference it has made in their lives and the relationships they have with the adoptive parents and much more. They give insight to anyone involved in or considering adoption.

3:00 Keynote- Kelsey Stewart – Author of The Best For You book , birth mother to 3 children and wife & mother to 2 more. She will enlighten us about Unity among all involved in the adoption triad. She will share her passion for adoption and inspire all to do their part to have greater harmony in their respective rolls in adoption.

4:00- RAFFLE time:) Items will be raffled off for all in attendance.

All classes (except 1st one) are 45-50 minutes.

Displays to be set up in Cultural Halls: Life Books, Foster Care Information, Display for Photos, Poetry, Adoption Arts.

Don't forget that today is the LAST day to enter the giveaway that I am holding in honor of this incredible day! I will post the winners tomorrow morning, just before I leave for the ROCKIES!!!!


riversnake said...

I'm signed up and I can't wait!! I'm so excited to get to meet you :)


Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

Milkawhat??? You are going to be there? Oh, now I am super excited to get there!!!!!! YAY! I get to meet Jill, I get to meet Jill!!!! Wooo Hooo!