Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kelsey's Interview on Adoption: Journey to Motherhood

East Coast to West Coast, what a great morning it was! Yesterday I had the pleasure to be interviewed on Mary Beth Wells show Adoption: Journey to Motherhood, after the first guest Birney Bull. (Interestingly enough, I recently became aquainted with Birney on the Internet and neither of us knew we were going to be on the same show!) Mary Beth is a birth mother whom also adopted children later in life. On this fantastic weekly program, she speaks from the heart asking great questions all the while applying what the guest is saying to her own thoughts as a birth mother, adoptive mother...a mother in life. She is a wonderful voice who brings other people in adoption to light every Monday at 9am EST. Below are links that will get you there, so take a listen. Birney, an adoption lawyer and advocate for all things adoption, is the first guest. Kelsey, birth mother & Author, is the second guest.

I thank you so very much for having me on the show Mary! What a wonderful broadcast you provide each week!

Click link, look to the right side column and simply click on the 8-30 listen box. There is a short description just above that mentions my name. http://toginet.com/shows/adoptionjourneytomotherhood

There is also an ITunes Podcast that you can download, plus this link helps with the shows ratings! (besides, you might like it so much that you will want to listen EVERY Monday...) http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/adoption-journey-to-motherhood/id360483358

More about Mary Beth Wells.