About Kelsey

Who is Kelsey? Well, glad you asked! I have 5 children, a daughter and twin boys that I placed for adoption and two boys that I am raising with my husband. I am the author of a children's book titled The Best For You that explains why one mother chose adoption for her children. I have written articles for The Open Adoption Examiner, Adoptions From The Heart, The National Council For Adoption and have an eBooklet that was published by Tapestry Books titled Guilt, Grief and Pride.

I wrote my book for them so they would always understand why I chose adoption for them. I have relationships with all of them, not like hanging out with each other kind of relationships, but we keep in touch. They know that they can ask me anything, tell me anything and I will always do my best to help them understand what and why I did what I did. I chose adoption

I am incredibly blessed to have the family that I have. The support through the years has been amazing from all my family and am now happily raising my boys with the love of my life, Bruce.