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“This little book, targeted for the younger child who was adopted (ages 4-8) packs a big and positive message; one that answers the common questions: "Did she love me?" "Why did she give me away?" and "Does she think about me?" The Best for You is a joy to read and look at. The broad scope of the book is perfect for children who are fostered as well as children who were adopted through foster care, domestic adoption, or international adoption.” Judy Miller ~ Story Circle Book Reviews

“This book offers a perspective that no other children's adoption book offers. The view of the birth mother.” ~ Adoption News

“This book does a masterful job of conveying the love of a birth mother, basic reasons for choosing an adoption plan for a child, how the birth mother decided that she was not ready to parent, what she was looking for in an adoptive family, and the sacrifices that she made to provide the best future for her child.” Deanne Hamlette ~ The Journey of Adoption

“I think this would be a wonderful book for any child adopted domestically. It could also help guide parents who adopted domestically who are searching for words to discuss their birth mother with their child. Kelsey's honest and loving explanation of her emotions, thoughts, and decision-making are touching.” Brooke Randolph ~ MLJ Adoptions

“I think it's beautiful and heartfelt and honest and loving. What a gift to the world! Kelsey, I appreciate your generosity and loving spirit.” Sally Bacchetta ~ Author

“Kelsey's courage to write this beautiful book impressed me. The message to her adopted children is clear and simple. She wants all of them to know that they are very loved, and she always thinks what's best for them. This book is a well-written legacy from a brave mother to her wonderful children. It also brings me tears and smiles.” 

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