Monday, November 8, 2010

What? An award for little ol me?

So, here in blogland there are many awards for many things. Today, I was informed that I had been bestowed the honor of ....
The Cherry On Top Award. Yep, it's made up and personal for each person...but it is still someone telling others ... "I like the way you think!"

So for this I say Thank You Amanda of Life After Placing, I appreciate anyone who finds my words worthy or at least a way to kill some time! HA! And allow me to share the love and keep spreading the word for positive advocation for adopiton....I give you my Top 5 Award Winners!

1. Not Quite Juno

2. Birth Mothers For Adoption

3. Holes To Heaven

4. Along For The Ride
5. The Sassy Curmudgeon

For the "Cherry On Top" Award:
1. Link to the person who gave it to you!
2. Pass it on to 5 more people!
3. Leave a comment on their blog telling them about it!


LeMira said...

I didn't thank you properly on this post yet for the award, so thank you! I passed it on today. Love you much!