Sunday, March 21, 2010

Incredible study about international adoption

For those of you who have been following my blogs about my mom, I've had to take a short break from it. I am coming up to the last years of her life and it is harder than I thought it would be. In the meantime...

I found this very interesting article about International Adoption and just felt compelled to post it. Look at the statistics of children in the US that are in need of care. Look at the money that international countries make from Americans looking to adopt from foriegn countries. Then look at the statistic #5 and #7. I think it is astounding!

Any comments? Thoughts? Complaints?

Structural Violence, Social Death, and International Adoption


LeMira said...

When we first began our adoption journey over three years ago, I was asked by a former boss why we didn't go international. I was told, "You can get a baby much quicker, and they're so cute!" At the time, our finances were the number one reason why we didn't even consider international adoption as an option.

Since that time, I've really thought about my stance. (and I've learned that international adoption does not = quick) Personally, I believe that there are too many children here in our own country that need loving homes. I strongly believe that we all deserve good families, and my heart aches for the children around the world who do not have them. However, I agree with that article in the stance that we need to help our own here, now.

I didn't realize just how much a government gets from an international adoption. That floors me. It really feels like the government is selling children to make a profit. Maybe I'm taking my thinking too far, but really, shouldn't it be about the child's best interest, not about how much money can be made? Wow.

Also, to clarify something. I firmly believe that the decision to adopt is a very personal one. I have good friends who have chosen to go the international route, and I commend them. My beliefs are my own, and I don't mean to say that adopting a child from a foreign country is wrong. I'm still amazed at those statistics, though.

spyderkl said...

Great, great article. I think that should be a part of the "reading packet" that prospective international adopters have to read before having a home study approved. It won't be, of course, but it should.

The information in #5 and #7 are pretty accurate and depressing as all getout.

Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

I could not believe the statistics either, I think that is the reason why I posted it. I found it interesting that there was so much reliance on American money in foriegn countries. I mean, I always knew that tourism was a money maker, but adoption? I was just astounded when I saw the statistics in this article. I was also very surprised to see the number of children in this country that need care. You know that they are there, in Foster Care, but once you see the numbers it really hits home.

Thanks for commenting LeMira, always good to hear from you!