Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Voice From Bloggers Unite, Musings Of The Lame

Okay, I see National Adoption Awareness Month as a way for all of the voices of adoption to speak about their truths, their concerns and their desire to see changes within a system that has reached criticism of global proportions. I am always willing to tell you my more positive side because I know that people need to know that there is hope that their adoptions will be one of respect, knowledge and acceptance of one's origins. But I am also willing to tell you the not so positive side of my adoption story because it needs to be heard, so that if in someway it can get others thinking about a change then things are good. There are many areas that can be improved upon in adoption, no doubt about it.

So today I am sharing with you a blogger that I have long followed, have long admired and have long appreciated the brutal honesty with which she writes. She joined Bloggers Unite and offered a post that she had written some time ago, but raises questions that will have you thinking for a long time. Her voice comes from my side, but her advocating is different than mine. Same, but different. I think she is one hell of a writer and I am grateful that she took the time to join a group that only benefits from her thoughts and point of view.

Claud is well known in the blogging world and she is oh so honest about her journey and her mind! Musings of The Lame is her blog and as I said, I have been following her almost from the start of my blogging career. However, if you keep reading (and this is a spoiler alert that it is long) you will eventually see that she is fair to every story in adoption, no matter the outcomes she is only trying to help people understand the life better. I hope you will read this post titled It's Not About You, But It Is


LeMira said...

Thanks for posting a link to this particular blog post. I love, love, love it! It gives me the courage to speak out about the misgivings I've been having regarding being a HAP. I'm going to chew on it a while and come up with a post that's been brewing. Thanks, Kelsey!