Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Stories We Tell

Last I left you, it was a great day when my son hit the home run on the twins Birthday! I thought it could not get any better than that, my forth child showing me that life has many surprises ... along with amazing ways to remind us just how precious it all is. He lifted me up in a way that I don't think anyone could understand ... well those who are not birth mothers that is.

So I took that picture of him with the ball and sent it to the twins along with the message from Bodde that he was wishing them a Happy Birthday. Why? Because Bodde asked me to, and I thought it was quite the sentimental gesture for him to request. So I sent it, along with an explanation of how the hit came to be. Well, both of the boys responded with enthusiasm and happiness that he not only hit the ball ... but also was wishing them a Happy Birthday. Oh yeah, my heart grew even larger when they responded rather quickly to my note about their brother, the Slugger.

But it was in the next couple of days that would really show me what a blessed and incredible journey I have had as a birth mother. First, one of the boys responded to his Birthday story (to backtrack and bring you up to date, every year on my twins Birthday I send them a little story. Usually it is about when I was pregnant with them, just to give them something special on their day to let them know their history and background.) He was stoked that I chose to write about their birth grandfather and great grandfather. They were stories about the wars they were in and some interesting facts about their time in service. He was thrilled to learn more about his heritage and the men who fought for these great United States in the name of freedom. Commenting on how very cool one of the stories was, he said " The first gave me goosebumps! I have always considered the armed forces, especially The Marines just because I have a lot energy and I'm overall very patriotic. I greatly appreciate the stories you tell me and I would love to hear any more interesting ones." It's great that I was able to tell a story that he liked.

Then, a couple of days later I heard from my other son and as always, my heart grew as big as my smile. I told him a story about his grandfather, meaning his adoptive grandfather. You see, I met their grandparents and spent time with them while I was pregnant. I just so happened to be staying with family in the town that his grandparents lived ... coincidence? I think not! I started the story along those lines, about how some might think it was coincidence that I was living in the same town as his grandparents. I explained that when I learned I was pregnant I asked God to help guide me to the right decision. Once I chose adoption and the plans were sent in motion, I could have never have known that I would be so fortunate to be close in geography to his adoptive parents roots. I mean, how else do you explain it? In all the places in the world I could have lived I just happened to be less than a mile from his grandparents house. 


So I told him a little about my visits with them, how kind they were to me, how they never judged me for being an unwed mother or my choice to place my twin sons for adoption. I shared with him some thoughts and some memories that were very special to me. When he responded, I was even more touched by what transpired all those years ago. You see, he explained that his grandparents house meant so much to him when he was younger, and his grandparents themselves were some of the most loved people in his life. He said, "(town name) has always been a very special place for me. I couldn't really explain why to anybody but this story made me realize why it is. The rose garden. The memories. It's all part of me and it always has been. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to be blessed with the life I have gotten, and everyone in it! I am the luckiest person I know and its because of so many people working to put me where I am today." 

Again, I KNOW!

It really is incredible how blessed I am when it comes to the adoptions ... or is it? It is a culmination of hard work, communication and acceptance. Just accepting who I was after that giant life altering period in my life. Working on finding myself again, working to be better than I was before. If for nothing else so that I could move through life the right way, the way that I was intended to live. It is year's like this one when I am reminded of how amazing life can be, how rewarding some of our decision can be. I could have never have know that I would be able to talk to them on their birthdays, let alone hear what their thoughts on life were. It would seem that walking this path in life would not allow that. But it has. And what incredible joy these fine young men have given me, not just now but through all of their lives.

Birthdays are to be celebrated. I am thankful and fortunate to be able to say that this year turned into a celebration just when I needed it most!

Happy, Happy Birthday Boys!!! May we have many more years of sharing stories ....