Monday, April 30, 2012

Relinquishing Rights ~ My first article for Adoption Voices Magazine

Good Monday Morning to ya! Here's to another week, a fresh start, a way that we can bring newness to our world and leave the previous week behind us. I will do just that! And there is no better way for me to start my week than to be introduced on a new stage. The internet magazine stage to be precise. 

Actually published last night, I found in my box this morning that Adoption Voices Magazine went with my article about relinquishing rights for the first of my contributions. I am thrilled because I like the piece that I wrote, it is a good look at what it really meant to ME when I signed my parental rights away. You can venture on over and read it here: 
Relinquishing Rights: It's Just a Paper, Right?

Now, allow me to expand on that thought and some of the points that I brought up in the article. Below you will find links to two different posts from this blog that expand on my thoughts and feelings on these topics. I find that if you can explain further and deeper this side of adoption, the birth family side, the more we can all understand where the other is coming from. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard from adoptive parents ... "Well I never thought about that side of it.."  or "It is so interesting to hear your thoughts and how I would have never taken into consideration that feeling." It is good to see others points of view, no matter the topic. 

But in adoption, it is knowledge that will help all sides of the triad understand and discover more about themselves.

Relinquishing Rights: Guest Column for Open Adoption Examiner