Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good Question About My Book

Do you feel that your book will help a child adopted from overseas with questions on "why" she was placed for adoption?

Good question! Although my adoption was domestic, I do cover some points in the book that I think some birth mothers do find to be common, at least that is what some have told me. Some of the issues that I try to clarify in my book are: I was young, I was unmarried and I was still trying to find my way in life. Of course, this book is written from just my perspective, but it is honest when answering those questions. One page talks about difficult decisions that people make and that this decision for me was not taken lightly.

International adoption is not so different from domestic, and I think many of the deciding factors do have some similarities. I know that I had a LOT of maturity at 19 and also a couple of examples in my family of single women raising children on their own ... myself included because my mother was divorced by the time I was three and for the most part, I grew up with one parent. Knowing what I said in the last sentence, that was one of the largest factors in my decision to place for adoption. I wanted my child to know life with a family, both parents present, something that I did not have. (Please know that I am not saying that all families should have a mother and a father, this was just MY wish for my child.)

I have heard from many, many parents who have bought this book and read it to their internationally adopted children and they have really grasped the message that their mothers and fathers DID love them very much. So, I think that whether the adoption is done internationally or domestically ... this book would work for just about any child that is adopted.

Here is a review from an amazing blogger who is an adoptive mother of internationally adopted children that may help with your question as well. The International Mom

Please let me know if you have any other questions and I hope that I have clarified your inquery. Thank you for visiting the blog, I hope that if you do get the book that you will enjoy it!

All my best to you!

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