Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blog Hop That ROCKS!

When controversy starts, people listen. If you know about the hoopla from this past week when Circle of Moms said they were going to have a contest for most popular adoption blogs only to shut the whole thing down ... well it made quite a few people mad. They were trying to censor voices, but there are those out here in Adoption Online Land that will not stand for it!

Today I was made aware of a Adoption Magazine who has invited ALL VOICES of adoption to join a blog hop. Here is your chance to find new lights, see some truths and endulge in all of the amazing voices out there! Make a cup of jo, get comfy and then dive right in! This list keeps getting better and better!!!!

Adoption Magazine ~ A Real Adoption Blog Hop


Denise said...

Hey there... I found your site through this blog hop, and just had to mention that it is my two little blessings in the photo above. My bio son, and daughter who was adopted at birth. She is turning 4 next week... and they still love each other to death - even when they are fighting, lol.

Sharla said...

I've been enjoying reading through some of your old posts.

Thanks so much for linking up with A Real Adoption Blog Hop!