Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Thoughts #16 ~ Veronica Is Loved

A lack of free time has hindered my communication this past week. That and the flutter that my heart has been feeling since Valentine's Day, all because of a short note my daughter Bella sent me.

Many of you know that I am a bit of an insane volunteer when it comes to kids. Whenever and wherever I can interject my crazy personality to enlighten or uplift kids, I grab that opportunity and run with it. Literally. Book fairs, Scouts, Little League, school functions ... you name it and if it has to do with my kids then I am there 110% and with a smile on my face. 

This was the thought two years ago when my sons' school needed a small fundraiser around Valentine's Day. I offered my time and patience to sell Valentine's to the students and parents.Those grams would then be delivered to the classrooms on Valentine's Day just before the classroom parties. I had to come up with something fun to delight the kids, so Veronica Valentine was born. Veronica is a fairy that comes out on February 14th to shower love on all that she comes in contact with. She wears bright colors, a wreath of garland on her head adorned by hearts or some kind of crazy headgear, her chest is covered by a giant heart that bears her sons names and she smiles so much that her face brings laughter and warmth to all she meets. She was a smashing success that first year and has since made appearances on that day of love to tickle the fancy of elementary kids, not to mention annoying the teachers who have otherwise lost that loving feeling. ;)

2012 was no different for me, running up to the school to sell before the first bell and at lunch ... all the while telling tales of Veronica to those little faces listening intently about the Valentine lady who would be visiting them and delivering all the grams. It was a great success this year, selling over 550 grams at a school with only 340 students. WAY TO GO LOVE! The biggest worry I had all day was what was Veronica going to wear this year? (I wish every day's worries were like that!)

Filled with hope and peace I returned home from the school happy, loving the fact that the office staff and teachers have not put me in the funny farm by now! I sat down at my computer after the kids had settled in bed to catch up on some work for what else ... one of my OTHER volunteer duties. I saw a message was waiting for me and when I saw where it came from, my heart pumped up and a smile rode across my face. It was Bella. I knew what it would say, or at least I hoped I knew what it would say. Scanning across the message, the smile grew and grew. Short message = happiness for weeks. 

She wrote to tell me Happy Valentine's Day. She mentioned Veronica and said that she was hoping to see her picture on Facebook as soon as I had time to post them. She went on to say that she was doing great, that she was happy and enjoying the life she was leading. Then to sum it all up, she wrote 5 words that I will never get tired of hearing: "I love you so much!" She has a knack for knowing when I need to hear those heartfelt thoughts from her. She has no qualms in saying them, and never hesitates to just pop in and let me know that she is thinking of me. 

Imagine that? She is thinking of me. How grateful I am to have been so blessed in my life, and it seems that I am reminded all the time what a sound decision I made for her all those years ago. Thank you Bella for accepting me as I am, and continuing to show me what an incredible young lady you are!

Just for grins, my friend wrote a story about Veronica that she tells to her daughter. I like the explanation so much that I will include it with this post. My friend knows me all too well!  ;)
"O long long time ago in a world that was full of love there was a little cupid named Veronica Valentine. Veronica Valentine lives in a forest in a fairy hole, she sleeps by day and flies by night and sprinkles moon dust with delight. The world became cold and harsh, but every year Veronica comes out of her fairy hole for everyone to see. To spread the word of love, caring, respect, hope and faith that the world will one day be in harmony with each other so all the other fairies can come out and fly. You will only see her for a few days, so please look carefully. If you look into her eyes and just believe, you too will also grow wings and fly around to help the world be a better place. From here on out you will either LOVE her, or think I am the craziest woman you ever saw who always holds her friends in her heart. xxxx oooo Happy Valentines Day!"


LeMira said...

Dear Veronica,

We would do Cupid Grams again if we had a cupid like you to deliver them! Everyone would want one!

Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

Hmmmm ... Veronica for rent. Now there is a thought! Thanks for sharing the love for my alter ego! ;)