Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sundays With Sande

Not only is it Sunday, but it is the last day of the week that started off with Valentine's Day. Oh yes, that day made especially by Hallmark to get all of us to buy cards for our loved ones, not to mention chocolate galore. How about a nice little Valentine story before we get into this weeks re posting of the life of Sande, my mother.

I boast that my mother is still with me to anyone who will listen. I am not kidding here, she comes around from time to time to let me know that she is still watching, still proud and will always do her best to protect me and guide me when she can. Then, sometimes .... she just comes around to show me that her love for not only me, but the love that she has for my children will always be with us.

My kids had Valentine's Day off this year because of Lincoln's Birthday. While rummaging around the house, attempting to get everyone to clean up a bit I was approached by my youngest son. He had something in his hand and I could tell he was rather curious as to what it was and where it came from.

"Hey Mom? What is this from Grandma Sande?"

Intrigued I asked to see it while asking "I dunno, where did you find it?"

"Right in the middle of the floor in my room. It wasn't there this morning, I haven't seen this before."

He handed it to me and I felt warm inside.

"It is from a box that Grandma Linda sent me after my mom died. It was a white box that had three little angels inside of it. White cotton lined the inside so the angels looked like they were floating in the clouds and tucked into the lid was a saying that angels will always be with us, whether or not they left us on Earth ... that they would always be watching over us."

"Wow. So she is watching over us right now, because I found that and I think she is saying Hello. Don't you?"

"I sure do buddy, in fact I know so."

GASP "It's Valentine's Day! That is why she left this in my room, she is telling me she loves me!"

I looked into his excited little eyes like he had just witnessed magic or something.

"I think so!" I said choking back tears swelling in my heart and eyes.

He took it back from me and looked at the gold plaque.

"I just wish I could have met her. She sure was a special lady."

I watched him walked back into his room. I then sat back and glanced the ceiling. She was there. She was all around. "Happy Valentine's Day to you" I said softly. "What a perfect gift."

This is the plaque he found on the floor.

and on with the story of her life....
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