Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Best of Open Adoption Blogs 2011

I received word this morning that one of my posts from last year was chosen by a reader at Production, Not Reproduction to be on this list! Thank you CYNTHIA! (Who in my mind had THE BEST post of the year this year with this nugget I loved!) I know, it is a little egotistical to blow your own horn. But if my horn blows loud enough for others to hear it, why not be proud of that beautiful noise?????

So I thought I would provide you with a link to the place where it is all stored, the BEST blog posts about open adoption! Thank you Heather for working so hard on your amazing site! Thank you to all the writers who opened their hearts and minds to speak so honestly about their adoption journey. And thank you to all or YOU for continually reading in order to learn more about this sometimes tricky subject!

I feel blessed to be in the company that I am in on this list! Amazing voices that deserve to be heard ... take some time this week to visit these posts and collect your own thoughts and ideas. It never hurts to see it from other points of view!