Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Thoughts

So, the day of giving Thanks is upon us. I know, this day is incredibly hard for many in adoption. For some birth/first mothers, it is a day that can sting with all that they cannot say they are thankful for. For some adoptive parents there is so much to celebrate, but with a silent thought for those who are missing what has helped their families grow. For some adoptees this day only brings torn feelings that gratitude is something that they should feel (according to what society tells them) and for other adoptees there really is a feeling of thanks for what their lives have become.

I personally like this day. Always have. My mother had a knack for making every holiday special but, being the food lover that she was, Thanksgiving .. well to say she never met a turkey she didn't like is an understatement. It is a day that I like to think of holidays past and all the amazing people in my life. I have been so fortunate, so blessed and I always know to give thanks where thanks is due. But I also know that there are many who do not feel the same, who would like to crawl in a hole and forget that Thanksgiving ever existed.

If you are happy, then be thankful for it. If you are struggling, be thankful that you are still here living life, because there is hope that life can change. And if there is nothing that you have to be thankful for, then know that somewhere someone might be thinking of you and THEY are thankful that you are here. I will leave you with a couple of songs that always helps me whether it is a bad day or a good day. The lyrics remind me that life is what you make of it and in the end, it is you that makes you happy no matter what people think or say about you, or to you.

FIREWORK   or this one too...   Beautiful


The Lynd Family said...

Thanks for this post! Being thankful for adoption is an interesting thing - adoption brought our beautiful daughter to us but that meant she had to leave the arms of another first. I thought about our birthparents constantly today. When I did I felt sad, happy, longing to see them enjoy this day, desire to see them, warmth, and (most of all) gratitude. Appropriate emotion to feel on today. I suppose it's the very least I can do on this beautiful holiday :)