Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tapestry Books

Tapestry Books may not think it is an advocate for adoption, but they are. When you walk into a book store and want  information about adoption, it is like finding a needle in a haystack. It has a larger section than it used to, but for the most part it is difficult to find those books without some help. Tapestry Books has 1,000 of titles to choose from and ALL of them have something to do with adoption.

I wish Tapestry would have been around when I first found myself pregnant. The world had not embarked on the Internet as a life tool yet, personal computers were still those old clunky units with tiny little monitors and the existence of Facebook and Google were still very far off in the future! I tried to find books at local book stores to much disappointment and that lead me to look at specialty stores, such as the Christian Book store in the strip mall next to Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was useless, there were no books that were going to help me with my struggling heart and ease my mind about the decision I was making.

Not the case now! The Internet has become an amazing entity that not only helps with research, but also allows human beings to travel the world over for friends, family, life saving procedures, kindred souls who otherwise would think they were alone in what life has brought them ... oh, and shopping!!!!!! Who would have thought that you could someday do ALL your shopping without ever stepping a foot out the door? What an incredible breakthrough for those suffering from agoraphobia! One online source for attaining reading material on or about adoption is Tapestry Books.

I found Tapestry through an acquaintance that I met about two weeks into the marketing of my book, just after it's release in the summer of 2009. I mailed out a book along with a letter to the owner about how my book should be added to their inventory and 'How can I make this happen?' Not too long after that I received an email from Sheppard Morrow, the owner, asking me what my intentions were with the book, what does he want me to do with it? I explained to him my thoughts and he said that I had to write something for them first to see if there is an interest in a book such as mine. I agreed with delight and 3 days later gave him a piece that chronicled my struggles with my first adoption.  He loved it and told me that I was one tenacious woman who DID have something interesting to say.

He published Guilt, Grief and Pride along with an interview for his readers, to see if there was going to be enough of a look-see that would give him justification that my book was a good fit for his company. There was interest, along with some wonderful comments and to this day I still tell people that if it were not for Sheppard and his taking a chance on my book and my voice ... well I would not be where I am today. It was a turning point in my writing career. He took me under his wing and guided me to the right channels to get my book and thoughts out there to those who need to hear it. He was kind and very supportive of my side of the story and always had compliments for the way I fought to get my book to the masses.

His company is such a fantastic resource for all who are looking for information in adoption. Since it is nothing but adopiton literature, the landmine of trying to find a specific topic has been turned in to a wonderful look around with many links to like minded subjects. SO user friendly. If you have never heard of it or been on their site, well it will be a refreshing surprise. I encourage you to keep the URL handy and tell all you know that it is out there just waiting to help find the perfect book!

My undying gratitude to Tapestry Books and Sheppard Morrow for helping me make a difference in my own little way!

Guilt, Grief and Pride, my first published article. Still one of my favorite writings that chronicles my introduction to adoption. There is no charge for this writing, but you will have to sign up to receive the pdf. It is set up to track how many read it, so that is why it looks like you have to buy it.

The Best For You, Tapestry Books offers my book as well.