Saturday, November 13, 2010

Peach ~ Things I Wish I Had Known

As most of you know by now, Blogger Unite! Adoption Awareness Month is a group I started to make sure that all voices of the triad are heard before, during and LONG after National Adoption Awareness Month comes and goes. There are over 50 people participating, not all have posted a writing yet, but the point is that they joined in order to create awareness and support for adoption reform.

One of the stronger voices there is Peach from Neither Here Nor There, an adoptee with a strong heart and brilliant mind. She has so much to say, and does so quite eloquently. Honest with not only herself, but the life that she lives as an adoptee, I have long been reading her and so admire her strength, compassion and plain old gusto for fighting for what she believes in. Her blog is a wealth of information that keeps me up late sometimes clicking on her posts and the various bloggers she follows.

I am very thankful that she is out there to share her life, her thoughts and her wonderful passion to make things right in a world with so many contradictions. This is the post that she shared for the group. My hope is that you will read it, and maybe some more of her blog including an AMAZING post about the Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show, it has a WOW! factor. Remember, there are three sides in adoption, and all need to be heard.

Thank you Peach for posting your writing ~ Things I Wish I Had Known...