Friday, November 12, 2010

Adoption Ain't For Sissies!

True statement above, huh? Well, actually it is the name of a blog (I am a little jealous that she thought of that name for her blog because I think it is perfect, and sorry I did not take it first!)  that is currently participation in Bloggers Unite! Adoption Awareness Month and I could not be happier to introduce you to this fantastic blog!

Besides the fact that there is a great quote from Tori Amos to lead off the blog, there are some amazing posts from this adoptive Momma and I love her zest for life. Something else I love about her? Well, here is a direct quote from her post:
 "Her (Kelsey's) love of life pours out of everything she does. And that makes me want to be the Charlotte York to her Carrie Bradshaw and cavort around NYC with her drinking virgin martinis (because I don't drink... nor really do I watch SATC) and shopping for designer shoes :)"

I LOVE that! I also love the show! So thank you Jill for joining and adding your thoughts to this group of bloggers, I think there will be many more following you in the future! I certainly hope you will visit her and take in all she has to offer!

I give you......
Adoption Ain't For Sissies!


riversnake said...

Thank you, Kelsey for the shout out! I am so honored :)