Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do you know what is happening in Nepal?

Man! I had this all set to post last night, but my life has become so incredibly busy that I thought yesterday was the 23rd!!! Darn, and I was doing so good posting everyday this month! Well, you will get two posts today because this piece should have gone up yesterday....

I have a wonderful friend who sent me a message a few weeks back about her brother and his fight to bring home a child from Nepal. There is a situation that is going on over there with the red tape of International Adoption and although I have seen a couple of things here and there, I am still amazed that there has not been more media attention. I mean, how many nights did we watch the story unfold about the Haiti debacle that happened a year ago? How many interviews did Anderson Cooper conduct trying to make sense of what the goals were of the people who flew down there to help children orphaned in the aftermath of the worst natural disaster to hit that nation?

My friend's story was heartbreaking and I immediately put out a call on my Facebook page to let people know what was happening with these families. I could explain everything now, but I found a fantastic blog a week ago that explains it better than I ever could. So, I will link to this post and let you gather your own thoughts. I will also link to a Facebook Page that was set up to petition the US Government to help these families that are already approved, have jumped through the hoops and will more than likely be over in Kathmandu for a long time ... and they just want to get back home to start their lives with their children.

If you would like to be active in avocation for adoption, this may be a way you can help. I am sure there are many families that would appreciate the support of fellow Americans.
Please Pray for US Families Now Stuck In Nepal
Facebook Petition to help Families in Nepal
Photo Courtesy of LisaL7 from Trip Advisor