Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not Today!

Sometimes you just have to push away the negativity that comes with being a birth mother. To shun it, to say no. This was one of those days...

Had a lovely weekend with the Scouts. We camped in the mountains and it rained about 70% of the time, but we were able to get in the Grand Campfire tales under a star filled sky last night. It was beautiful, with a crispness to the air that made all the Scouts either want to scoot close to the fire or snuggle up on their mom or dad's lap. The weekend event did not follow any of it's own schedule or timeline, no one stayed dry in their tents, the kids and dads played mud-filled flag football and there were plenty of tiny teeth shining through happy little smiles all weekend long.

Got home feeling so good about life, so good about the gracious little men that we are raising and so good to be not wet ... HA! Then I sat down to check my emails, comments and other cyberspace communication that I had been lacking in for three days. (Believe it or not, it was quite enjoyable being out of touch!) There was a comment from someone and in that juicy tid bit of yapping, she called me a birthditz. Hmmmmm, that's new. I have often been accused of farting rainbows but this conjunction was so new it kind of took me back when it saw it. Birthditz. Nice. Way to love your neighbor.

Then I made the concious decision to laugh at it. Not going to ruin my weekend, not this time. I laughed then hit the big delete button because mentality like that has no place in my life. Thanks for thinking of me and taking the time to enlighten me with a new nickname, but I think I will pass on your negativity today.

Just one more reason why I advocate.  To tell my story. To be honest while doing it. To make sure people understand just what it is like to live with ignorance. Oh you can call me names, curse my actions and try to push me down, but I will get right back up and move on just like I always have.

So here's to you, Mrs. Closeminded Adoption Hater ...... words are only that, words. Yours do not matter to me.


Amanda said...

That's a new one, I hadn't ever heard it either...but I'm glad you had a great weekend!!! And I'm glad you aren't letting it slow you down and stop you from advocating!!

A Life Being Lived said...

Your weekend sounds spectacular. If you are a "Birthditz" then I want to be one too! Keep on keeping on :)