Friday, March 22, 2013

Featured Writer: Adoption Voices Magazine

I had the honor of being the featured writer this week at Adoption Voices Magazine. Never heard of it? Never been there to visit? What a treat you are missing! Great voices from all sides of the triad to view, read, learn from and inspire!

This particular post is about the negativity that I see in the apoption circles online. I will leve you with the link to the page, not just the post, because there are many interesting articles on the site. Also, if you look to the right side you will see that Jane poses a great follow up question to my post. Take some time and enjoy the diversity that is Adoption Voices Magazine!


Dolores said...

I enjoy the writings at Adoption Voices Magazine. It is great to have a website out there that shares many different stories and views from all members of the adoption triad. It is very unique and I hope it gets a bigger audience over time because I think it is very educational!