Friday, November 16, 2012

My Favorite Happy Thought About Adoption

Today is National Adoption Awareness Day, a day meant to bring attention to the topic that so many live day to day. I know that there are those who do not cherish adoption, who often will try and insert negativity at any opportunity they can. Let them. They have a reason and a voice, so I think they should use it to advocate for what they think is right.

I like to share my positives with others because too often we loose sight of what adoption can be. For me, adoption is a part of my life every day and I try my best to live a life of peace. 20+ years of walking without my children has taught me so much. I cherish my children regardless of what others may think. Not a day goes by that I do not wake up and say a prayer for them, asking God to watch over them and bring them happiness in their lives.

But often we forget about the other family members who gain from adoption. The siblings. The cousins. The aunts. The grandparents. To touch so many lives with one action is awe inspiring. (haters need not comment, I know how you feel about what I am saying.)

This story is an example of what adoption means to those other family members. I carry this day in my heart always, and if I am feeling the pressure I think back to what this young man's words meant to me ... not just then, but also on a day like today.

Happy Thoughts #2


Heidi said...

Dear Kelsey: Thanks for writing this ... It can be scary to post about adoption in some circles, there are so many hurting people who have not come to terms with their trauma and grief. Thanks for sharing your story. Very brave!

My husband and I foster-adopted two children. So many times I have wondered how their struggles might have been lessened if their first parents had your courage, and made an adoption plan right away. I give them credit for not aborting their children ... and yet, parenting is not for everyone. Adoption is a far better option for these people.

Thanks again! Heidi Saxton

Denise said...

Oh, that post made me cry! How precious... It is true - each of our adoption journeys have impacted not just our family, but all our extended family as well. My daughters are the only granddaughters on my side of the family, and so they have an extra special place in the hearts of our extended family for that reason as well ;) Our son (age 11) often bemoans the fact that his sisters are growing up as he wants them to stay small... and wonders how he will protect them from boys when they grow older. He is so protective of them! I am thankful I read this today - when I send a package to our daughters' bio moms for Christmas, I will be sure to let our son also write about what it means to him to have his sisters <3

adoptomuss said...

The pain is on both sides. It's very hard for a person to understand how their own mother can leave them, no matter how she explains. It's just the way the evil that is adoption works. A lifetime of pain for mother and child.