Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lucky 13

My favorite thing about this photo
is the woman who stopped behind us,
just to take a look see.
 13 is considered an unlucky number. I happen to like the number 13 and do not find anything superstitious about it, believing it all to be hoopla.

Today is my anniversary. 13 years I have been married to Bruce, and I can honestly say that every year we come upon this day we find ourselves more in love than the year before. We have been through so much in our courtship, relationship and marriage that I doubt you could find a circumstance that we could not tackle together.

He has been my backbone, my best friend and my jester for years! I say jester in an endearing way because just when I am about to commit homicide, he reels me back to sanity with his unmatched sense of humor. He can touch my soul, and make me feel as if there is no one else on Earth. He works hard for our family, volunteers just as much as I do and he makes it all look so very easy.

He is admired and loved by many, which only makes me adore him more.

He has been more than a husband, more than a friend, and more than a soul mate. He IS my heart. Bottom line.

Happy Anniversary to the man who reminds me every day that life is an amazing journey and rather than try to control it ... it is best enjoyed unleashed!

Love you to the stars and beyond,