Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh the Joy of Being Assasinated

This past week has been great. Just peachy. I have heard tons of things in my lifetime as soooooo many people just love to let me know what a vile and disgusting human being I am. However, a couple of new ones cropped up this week. One called me a "useless consumerist careerbot", claiming I chose adoption because my children "were cramping her lifestyle". I had an anonymous comment on my Formspring that told me I was "brainwashing a new generation" of children with my book. Another one wants to spit on my shoes saying I am a "happy abandoner".

All because I am Kelsey Stewart. I breathe, therefore they hate me. It's all good. I understand that women like me bring about feelings of rage and anger, some to a level that you have to resort to name calling and junior high behavior.  There is no better way to feel good about yourself than to bully someone else. Better yet, someone you don't know from Adam. Assuming so much about someone from ONE LITTLE ARTICLE. I tell my story all the time, and often there is a legion that comes about to voice how despicable I am. What an evil and repugnant human being I am.  This because they know me.

Not. At. All.

Yep, been dealing with the haters for a while and I pay them no attention. Funny thing is, they keep saying the same things over and over. I hear victim from their mouths all the time. They tell others not to use words like rage, bitter or anger ... yet they spew it all over the place and never think twice about how ironic it is to do so. I find it rather humorous that one person, one voice out here in the world can cause so many to just explode. Spontaneous combustion on their keyboards. What is going on in your life that you need to randomly seek out people and question their truths? What gives you the right to pass judgement on others, especially people you do not know?

I have not written 30% of what I know about adoption, there is more to come. Sure, having a positive point of view is RARE in the world of online adoption talk. I have no problem admitting that the road has not always been good. It has not always been what it is for me now. I have told of my problems, issues and all the rights that need to happen in adoption. But there is NO WAY someone can tell me that what I have experienced did not happen. Just because adoption has not been in YOUR favor does not mean that is the way it is for everyone. I know this because you choose to tell me. All. The. Time.

But regardless of how many times you tell me that I am a delusional, ignorant, coerced,  happy bee mommy the more it drives me to make you crazy and speak my mind. We all have room. The world is a big place. I am not going away, nor will I change my writing style, or have my mind changed, or fall of my unicorn into a field of rainbow cupcakes. How about you take your own advice and LISTEN to others and their TRUTHS. After all, that is the courtesy I have given you, is it not? 

Thanks for keeping me on my toes ladies, you know I love that you visit me and follow what I am up to. Obviously you see me as a threat, so I must be doing something right. the lovely soul who complained that my book looked like an untalented 5th grade student told a story. Here's a news flash: It's a children's book. Kids like things that look like they may have drawn them, so I chose a style that would appeal to them. Duh.


Toni said...

I enjoy your view points and thank you for speaking your mind and telling your truth. I often times feel like some people think that the louder they yell the more valid their points. It's too bad that some people's valid concerns aren't taken seriously because the way they deliver their message overshadows the content of their message. Thank you for bringing your insight to the blogosphere.

A Life Being Lived said...

Oh Kelsey, I'm sorry that these unhappy and misguided people are directing their pain towards you. No matter what we've been through in life (bad or absent parents, abuse, becoming a birthparent, addictions, accidents, divorce, what have you), it does not give anyone the right to belittle or walk over others. That is what kills me- some people who have their own crosses to bear, instead of empathizing and recognizing that we all have our own truth and trials, push others down instead of being supportive. It astounds me. I used to think I was "easy going" and "understanding" before I became a birthparent. Afterwards I was filled with so much compassion and love and empathy for humanity in general. We ALL go through difficult experiences, have to make hard choices, do the best we can. I will never judge another person no matter what, because I have not walked a mile in their moccasins. I am a birthmother who has found so much support and understanding of my own path by reading your blog and identifying with the positive messages. No, adoption isn't a solution for everyone and it is a lifelong process. But nobody has the right to judge our paths and decisions we have made unless they've lived the same exact life- which is impossible. I'm so sorry. Sticks and stones...

Robyn C said...

"They tell others not to use words like rage, bitter or anger ... yet they spew it all over the place and never think twice about how ironic it is to do so. "
I've been trying to find a way to express that thought for years! You're absolutely right.

I love that you stay positive, even when talking about difficult subjects.

Oh, and for the record, my son really likes the illustrations in your book. I think they're cute, and I totally understood what you were doing there.