Saturday, December 10, 2011

It Gets Better and Better!

Jane Ballback blogger at You're My Second Momma, Aren't You?
Just when I was slightly coming off the high of the amazing Letter that I received from the twins mother, I was hit with another wonderful day that was not at all expected!

This past week I was contacted by the mother of an adoptee that I spotlighted here on the blog. I found the piece by Stacee Ballback about a month ago and was so touched with the way she spoke about her life that I felt I had to share her with all of my readers. (Note: My adopted children liked the piece as well :) ) I thought nothing of it because when I find something that moves me like that I KNOW that there are others who would also appreciate the words of an amazing young woman like her. Little did I know that it would lead me to someone who just may be the woman who helps me really achieve the goals I have in adoption: To speak my truths to help others understand the life of a birth mother, and for some ... to help them feel not so alone in their own journey.

Stacee's mother, Jane Ballback, wrote to me to thank me for highlighting the writing of her daughter. She also wrote to invite me to contribute to her new online magazine that will be launching in January! Oh how life weaves it's own little web. In all this big world of adoption, she found me and was kind enough to extend not only an invitation to join her, but also an opportunity like no other I have been offered. How could I not want to do this? To speak my truths and tell my positive experience in adoption to so many who want to hear how good it can be. I strive to teach others what it was that I learned and may in turn help them within their own journey. I have been waiting for an opportunity like this for over two years now and I am still pinching myself at the thought of what can be in the future!

I will certainly give you more details about the magazine when they become available. I can tell you that it will share all sides of the triad with some incredible voices that should, and will, be heard. From the conversation that I had with Jane it sounds as if this project of hers could be a big hit with many already interested in contributing. I am thrilled that she has the compassionate heart that she does for adoption because it is not often that one side seeks the stories of the other sides, but Jane is willing to put herself out there in order to let those voices shine. 

So I say thank you to Jane for reaching out to me, asking me to join you and giving me the chance to put a voice out there for the side of adoption that is most confusing for people. And I say thank you to her daughter Stacee for writing such a beautiful testament of the person that you are, which in turn somehow brought your mother and I to each other.

Life happens for a reason, and when that reason is exposed it has a tendency to not only amaze ... but inspire who we really are!