Friday, October 21, 2011

Adoptee Writes So Beautifully About Her Life

I come across so many blogs and articles about adoption that I admit I sometimes loose track of what it is that I am reading. However, yesterday I read this amazingly peaceful article from an adoptees voice and I was just touched beyond words. Some great points to be made in this writing, especially about how adoptees take their cues from their parents on how to feel about their birth parents.

Stacee Ballback, you should be proud of the woman that you have become ... and I thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world to read!

Surviving, Learning, Laughing: Winning the Lottery of Life


Linda Hoye said...

Thank you for pointing out this post. I'm heading over to check it out now.

Von said...

She writes beautifully as a young woman in one stage of adoption.You might like to check The Declassified Adoptee for her post of the stages of adoption.An overview and with some realism.By the way I am in Stage 5 as a senior adoptee.