Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's A Dog's Life ~ And What a HILARIOUS Story!!!!

Ever wonder why Chuck E Cheese has an escort/bodyguard at all times? I did too, until this past week when I learned first hand the reason why .....

OH yes! I am at it again ;) I have told you all before about my need to vounteer for everything when it comes to my kids. The newest adventure comes from a request that the Prez of the Parent Group had for me last week. We are doing a fundraiser that has initiatives for the kids in the way of coupons. When you sell so many items, you have your parent fill out the coupon and then you come to school to redeem the coupon for a necklace from The Big Blue Dog. My part in all of this? YOu guessed it, I was The Big Blue Dog. What fun! OR so I thought. Below you will find the whole story of the day, along with pictures to show you what it was that I was dealing with ... and it still makes me giggle when I think about that day!

All the captions are under the pictures to explain what the heckalecka is going on...

Started the day off in a fun mood. How could I not, I was in a Big Blue Dog suit!

Okay, I am waving and high fiving the kids ... they love it, I am smiling and things are good.

More kids start coming out from lunch and soon two hands are not enough to high five them all.

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! I was sending a signal here, that I was being inundated by kids and might need some help. My helpers thought I was being enthusiastic and waving at them, little did they know I was hyperventilating in this thing!!!!!!

But the crowd starts to break up and I can see that the lunch lady is starting to give me the evil eye so, I decide to run towards the line that the kids should be in to try and shoo them away to the playground but....

OH NO! It backfired and soon I was being chased by Kinders and 1st graders towards the line .... I was sucking wind here because it was hard to breathe in the Dog Head!

This is me literally trying to get my balance because there were kids all around me ... hugging me tightly ... still high fiving me but I wasn't high fiving back so they were basically just hitting me ... and I was starting to get really hot at this point!

Here I am trying not to pass out ... I am starting to sweat really bad and the kids were tripping me because although you cannot tell I was like a bass in the middle of sardines! They were smothering me, all yelling  "BLUE DOG! BLUE DOG!" I was getting a little scared here, and the sun was like a blow torch!

Ahhhh ... I finally flagged down Brenda who helped me get to a table in the shade to relieve my shaky knees! Yay, Blue Dog!

Okay, they are now climbing all over Blue Dog and I was high fiving but also trying to push them back, off of Blue Dog.

Look! They are poking me all over the place ... my arms ... my nose ... won't even tell you where the other kid is poking!

Having some fun with the picture! Bad Dog!

I started to gain so much attention that the kids wanted autographs. Notice how I put the paw print next to the signature? I am too much!

I get caught on the playground with the older kids and they poke a little harder. I was getting hot again ...

Then someone started pulling my tail! Hey, let's be nice now. I also started to wonder how many other people left their DNA all over the inside of the Dog Head and I stated to panic about all the GERMS I was inhaling! Ewwww...

This is Blue Dog's pissed off walk. Sweating and unable to breathe properly, I needed to sit down!

Fist bumping some kids and wishing I had a mini fan. One kid saw that my glasses were a little ascure after the last rush and he stuck his finger through the costume and almost poked me in the eye. I had to refrain from returning the favor.

Oh yeah, I wanted to play hand ball for some reason! Bad idea, hand ball in the Big Blue Dog costume. My peripheral vision was zilch and had no idea the ball hit me off the wall ...

This is the "I can't friggin see!" attempt to get the ball to the wall...

So let's try swinging ... THAT should create some kind of breeze that Blue Dog might enjoy! Holy Crap I was dying in this thing!

Okay, going to attempt to climb these stairs with the kids ...

Doing good for not being able to see below my nose ...

How this picture looks is how I felt right about now, all discombobulated!

Look at all the kids up there, this is me escaping .

Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!

Right after this pic I went to take the costume off and it looked like I just walked out of LA Fitness! Drenched in sweat, and my hair was so wet it looked like I just stepped out of the shower. I disinfected my face (was still wondering what I might have contracted from the Dog Head!) and told my escort that I would wear a BIKINI the next time I donned the costume!!!!

So now you know why Chuck E Cheese ALWAYS has someone with him ... it's for protection from crazy kids!!!!!!!


GSmith said...

Haha! Great post! The things we do for kids!

LeMira said...

And how much does it cost to rent Kelsey Stewart to come help out my Parent Council. :)

Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

At least half a million dollars LeMira! LOL