Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Thoughts #15 ~ Coincidence Schmoincidence

Artwork outside of Electric Lodge
When last I left you, I had attended a one man play written and performed by an adoptee. I spoke of how the whole experience left me breathless, and thinking the whole time about my twin sons. Well it continued throughout the afternoon, just had them on my mind. I couldn't help but think of them in Brian's shoes ... feeling the thoughts he was feeling, thinking the same questions he was asking. He brought me to tears, but they were not at all sad tears.

You see, I have been fortunate enough to have the ability to talk with my adopted children. When I say talk, I of course am referring to the Internet and the various way to communicate with people. I can message my children anytime I want, and yes I DO know that I am very fortunate that it has been, and is, this way. So when I say that I had tears it is because when Brian was speaking about how his mothers words made him feel, I cried because I know deep down my children DO like to hear from me. It just lets them know that hey, she really does care and always has regardless of what society might think about birth mothers.

So with them on my mind, I wrapped up my day in Venice with lengthy goodbyes and hearty thank yous to those who made it all possible. I walked a long way to my car but had a smile on my face as I relished in the fact that in my life I was granted a good adoption experience. Traffic was awful, it still amazes me just how many human beings there are in the Greater Los Angeles area! Too many! So I finally hit the freeway and began a comfortable cruising speed. Along the way I noticed something I had not noticed before. Along the side of the freeway my eyes were drawn to a large green hill with letters engraved into the side of it. At first I thought, 'hmmmm ... never seen that before'. The more I thought about it as I passed it, the more curious I became. Then it dawned on me that those were the letters of one of the twins University. I never knew where the school was because again, LA and it's surrounding suburbs is a HUGE place! But there it was, and I thought 'Coincidence?'

This in turn made me contact him and confirm that what I saw was what I saw. He did, and he had a chuckle over it. We had a nice chat that I think made us both smile. Then the next day, I was driving very early in the morning to the campsite where my Scouting family was. The time had changed over night so it was dark out. I was thinking of my other son and wondering if he too knew I was thinking about him the day before. As this thought started, so did a new song on the radio. It was a song that I had not heard for about a year and I had just had it on my mind yesterday. It was Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant. Do you recall where the play was located that I went to in Venice that had me thinking so much about my sons?

Yup, I could not make this stuff up if I wanted to! So of course, I had to message him to tell him of the bizarre events that were happening as a result of this one play that I went to see. He too laughed and said that sometimes things in life happen for a reason. He also told me of a story that had him kind of advocating for adoption, and boy did that make my heart light. I will end this post with a quote from him, and just know that I believe there is a fine line between coincidence and things happening for a reason.

"I told them that one of my heroes in life is my birth mom because she had the courage to act selflessly and give her children the life they thought they deserved. There are those who let the hard decisions arise and there are those who handle the hard decisions with grace. The measure of character is not based on what we are given in life but rather by what we decide to do with what we are given."


Monika said...

That is beautiful. <3

Bumber's Bumblings said...

TEARS again!! Good thing I didn't put my mascara on this morning!!

This shows me that their adoptive mom has so much respect and love for you to instill that into those boys.

You should be so proud!