Sunday, September 11, 2011

She's A Grand Old Flag

If there is anything that I felt while looking at this display it was love.

It was 8 years and 9 months since 9-11 and this was the first time I had been in New York City. We were on a tour bus and were stopped right in front of a small triangular spot, and it was remarkable how quite it was. No one was talking, rather we were all looking at the remains of messages of love sent out to the world and left there for many to see. It was a reminder of a time that changed America. It left me feeling, well, reflective.

The thing that I remember the most about 9-11 were the weeks that followed that awful event. You could not get away from the news of it, there was 24 hour coverage of Ground Zero and the efforts to find people. The stories of heroism that helped us all breathe a little easier just knowing that the kindness of so many saved lives. The immediate unity of the country that ensued was a comfort to me. Everywhere I went, I could see American Flags. Flying on houses, flying at businesses, flying from cars on the road, painted on old buildings, and all representing a resilience that comes from a long line of Americans who believe in spirit, and most of all ... freedom.

I loved that period in my lifetime, those months and couple of years that followed 9-11 because of the people. There were smiles. There was eye contact. People were generally kinder than before. It was as if we all wanted to make the most of what we had, to learn from that tragedy to really LOOK at life and enjoy what we have right now. I could feel it, just about everywhere I went. It was as if the American way of life got a shot in the arm and we were all proud of how we could take a punch but prevail in the end.

In watching all of the shows about the Twin Towers this last week I am again reminded that we all have to do what we can to live a good life, to treat others the way we want to be treated. I believe we have lost our way a little, that we took some trail off to the side and we are all spread out trying to find our way back to the road. Remember how we all did our best to just get along after that happened? How we tried to be the best neighbor, friend, wife, mother, whatever it is that you are ... didn't you strive to be a little better come 9-12-01? To make the most of who you were, and how you could help someone else even if it was just one day at a time? I know I did. And I know many others who felt exactly the same way.

On this somber anniversary of tragedy and life altering for not only a nation, but for the entire world, may we all remember. Remember the lives that were senselessly lost. Remember the lives that were heroes. Remember the innocence that was lost. And most of all, may we all remember to be thankful for everyday that WE still have left. May we remember to do what we can to be the best that we can possibly be. May we all remember to take time to live life, and love what we have around us.

Lady Liberty's right foot is like this to represent a forward motion.