Thursday, March 3, 2011

Keynote Speaker at FSA Colorado Regional Confrerence

Here it is ... the offical flier for the Families Supporting Adoption Regional Conference in Colorado this April!! I cannot tell you just how excited I am to be a part of this! I have only attended one other FSA Conference and when I left Arizona back in October, I felt so validated, understood, accepted and so appreciated by so many who were there. It was trip that not only lifted my spirits, but it also reminded me that small voices CAN make a difference ... at least to someone.

I received an email asking me to not only attend this FSA in Colorado, but to my surprise they honored me in asking that I be the Keynote Speaker for the event. WHAT?!?!?! Me? Oh, my heart jumped and a smile came across my face to know that soon I would be meeting many more people who embraced adoption the way I have. There is nothing better than to meet and talk with kindred souls who need no explaination of how or what I have felt in the past ... they know it all too. And to think of how many new and wonderful people I will make aquaintance with in April still has my heart jumping and keeps me smiling.

I will be joined at this conference by the loveley Jessalynn Bills, fabulous advocater of open adoption, and that is like a big cherry on top of the whole weekend! Met her in AZ and just loved her attitude, honesty, and amazing tenacity to show what can be done right in adoption. There are more speakers that will be there and I have included a link to the class schedule. This is a day filled with education from those who live it and it truly will help some people understand a little better ALL sides of the adoption triad. 

SO, if you happen to be in the Denver area and are interested, please visit here to see the classes, sign up and come on out for a day of learning more about this world of adoption. So many great speakers, classes, and information that it would be a shame to miss it! I hope to see some of you there and meet you in the real world. I am so grateful to Corrine and Kelly for asking me to be a part of this incredible conference. My hats off to both of you, and I thank you oh so very much. How blessed I am to be doing what I love to do! That being advocating for adoption in a positive way.

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riversnake said...

I'm all over this like flies on poo, baby! Thank you for the heads up. I live just an hour and a half north of there and I used to go to the church it is being held at!

Congrats for the recognition of how much you rock. You'll be a kick ass keynote speaker!

Hopefully I will get to meet you at the conference!


Sassy Christian Momma said...

so excited for you to come and for everyone to come as well!
registration just dropped to 10. for AP's and Birth Parents are FREE!

keynote speakers said...

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anmagi said...

Hi, have not explored too much yet but am happy to have found you. I also am a birth mother. My sons are 18 and 6 and were adopted at birth by great sets of parents. Indeed, open adoption is a great choice. I look forward to reding more soon.