Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oprah Will Advocate What SHE Wants, and That Won't Be Adoption

I was just thinking that Oprah could be doing so much to help adoption. I was captivated by the interview she did with Piers Morgan, listening to her say that she wanted to be the voice that helped causes. She explained over and over again that she wants to leave her show so that her NETWORK can reach millions more with important issues.

Why then did she drop the ball with the adoption issue? Why has she not dedicated a whole week of her show to the many sides and stories of adoption? Now that her family has been touched with the issue, why not explore it and shine that Golden Oprah Light on all that can be done, and NEEDS to be done to help a flawed system? Maybe show folks that it is not something to be ashamed about, but that there is so much to learn in the topic? To let people know that there are always two sides, and in this case THREE sides, to every story....

I had such hopes. I was actually a little excited that she found out about her half sister because I thought for sure Miss O would embrace it and research it like she has done with so many issues before.

But alas, she has moved on with interviews of MC Hammer and retrospects of the last 20 years of her show. Guess adoption has not touched her life the way we all thought it would. Too bad. Her voice could have done so much for those of us who live in it everyday.

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Mommy, RN said...

I agree. VERY disappointed. I kind of felt like she must have been faking enthusiasm or something. :(
Well, at least the adoption world still has SuperWoman Kelsey! :)

StefanieJinelle said...

I say, let's write Oprah :)

The Smith's said...

I'm disappointed too!