Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Always Amazed...

I have been receiving many requests lately from people who want to read and review my book. This is always a thrill for me because A) it still astounds me that people find their way to my little book and B) I am still amazed that I am an author!

So when I got an email from the Great White North that someone was interested in reading The Best For You, I was not at all hesitant to send one. I want to thank my Canadian friend for embracing the book and writing such a heart felt review. I cannot express how much it is appreciated and how grateful I am that she chose to share my book with her readers. By the way, her blog is fantastic! Plenty of information, giveaways, book reviews, kid stuff...you name it and she is giving it to you.

Thank you Jennifer for your interest, and of course for your kind words!

One Day At A Time ~ The Best For You by Kelsey Stewart