Saturday, February 26, 2011

And The Oscar Goes To ....

I am a MOVIE FREAK! I  absolutely LOVE movies and all they have to offer. So, when February comes around I am one of those people who goes out and watches movies for the sole purpose of deciding for myself just who is deserving of the most coveted award in all of MovieLand... The Oscar!

This year, my Oscar weekend kicked off with an Academy Award themed Bunco, FABULOUS IDEA!!!! I got a clever idea to go as Black Swan, my take on the crazy dress that Bjork wore to the 2000 Oacars, you know ... the dress that looked like she was wearing a dead swan around her neck???? Yep, just my crazy sense of humor!

I know, I am soooooo FUN! And I am not the only one! J Lo was there in her famous Versace Dress and her date was Michael Jackson!

 Then the paparrazi showed up and interviewed J Lo...

My date? The yummy Jack Sparrow!

It was a great night filled with laughs, fun and beautiful women!

Now, for the Oscar picks. This year was a very tough field and usually I am pretty good at picking them. This year, I will say that I am probably 80% right. Here is what I think will win ...

Best Supporting Actor ~ BY FAR THE TOUGHEST CATEGORY!!!! I will say Geoffrey Rush. Christian Bale could upset this and in my PERFECT world ... Mark Ruffalo would win for his BRILLIANT performance in The Kids Are Alright.

Best Supporting Actress ~ Shame that both women from The Fighter are in this category because they were both SOOOOOOO good. I say Melissa Leo.

Best Animated Feature ~ Toy Story 3, hands down!

Best Actor ~ Colin Firth in The King's Speech

Best Actress ~ Natalie Portman in Black Swan

Best Original Screenplay ~ The King's Speech

Best Adapated Screenplay ~ The Social Network

Best Directing ~ David Fincher for The Social Network

Best Picture ~ The King's Speech

Feel free to share your picks, I would love to hear them!!!!