Monday, January 3, 2011

The Most Popular Posts from 2010

Well, here is a list of the most popular posts of this past year in case you have not been following the entire time. Some are happy posts, some are me venting posts ... but rest assured they are all read worthy.

Open Letter to Birth Mothers ~ Thougths for all Birth Mothers, at least from my point of view.

Happy Thoughts #7 ~ The story of how my adopted daughter came to be in my wedding.

Attacked By Your Own ~ Thoughts about how it is the Birth Mothers who find reason to slander and beat up other mothers who have been in their shoes.

Divine Intervention ~ Following Attacked By Your Own, the reason why I found peace.

Why do People Think Birth Mothers Have No Morals? ~ Response to an article I read that rubbed me the wrong way.

Happy Thoughts #2 ~ The story of what my adopted daughter's brother felt about her.

BirthmotherFirstmotherNaturalmotherWHAT???? ~ Funny how many names there are for the women who give birth but do not raise their children.

Happy Thoughts #3 ~ The story of how a family member of my twins touched my soul after their birth.

And the most popular post of all time here at A Birth Mother Voice....

Teen Sex Crisis: Dr. Oz Show and Adoption ~ I was interested in what Dr. Oz  had to say about adoption, but it was the statistics about teen sex that was the most shocking part of this post!