Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Adoption Stories Interview

Adoption Stories hosted by 4 Healing Hearts

I have picked up many Twitter Followers recently and one such request lead to an interview this morning. Janice O'Leary, who counsels from 4 Healing Hearts and Minds, is an adoptee who hosts a radio show on BlogTalkRadio and she asked me to share my story with her and her listeners. Not only was it a great chat, but it was wonderful to hear her comments from an adoptee's point of view. With the a lovely spirit that she is, I can only imagine how many people she has touched with her openess and drive to help others share their stories.

What a pleasure it was to talk with and "meet" you, Janice. I am very appreciative that you asked me to join you today and I sure hope that we can chat again, and more often. Thank you for doing what you can to help those in adoption!

Kelsey's Interview with 4 Healing Hearts on Adoption Stories.