Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And I Hope The Oscar Goes To...Mark Ruffalo!

I should be giving you thoughts about the juggernaut that is THE OPRAH STORY! Not to worry, in due time my friends, in due time.

No, I want to shout out to the world something that is better than that .... I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY THAT MARK RUFFALO WAS NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR!!!! What? Who's that? What did he star in that was so great?

He was not the only one who was noticed. The movie itself was nominated for Best Picture and it just thrills me that this little movie will forever be linked to Oscar nominations. Even better, along with Mark and the movie being honored, Annette Benning has yet again been recognized for her astounding craft as an actress. I don't think that she will win, but I do respect her body work and especially her rigid portrayal of Nic, the character that she plays in the movie. I am not the only one who thought Mr. R was fantastic in this movie, others have been recognizing his work as well. So far, he has been nominated for Best Supporting Actor by the Screen Actors Guild, Independent Spirit Awards and he wond the New York Film Critics Circle reward this year. But that is not what I am thrilled about...

What I love is that people will now pay more attention to the character that Mark Ruffalo plays in this movie. As Paul, his role in this story is that of a sperm donor who is surprised years later by the two kids that are forever and genetically linked to him. He never knew that he had these children out there, after all there are many sperm donors who have no idea if their sperm was used or not (which when you think about it is a terrifying thought for some). But the depth to which he expressed his now changed life was just phenomenal. It is not so much in the words that he says, but rather the subtle pauses in which you can see his character challenging himself to open his heart and his mind to the new family that he helped create. I cannot recommend this movie enough to birth families, birth mothers, birth fathers out there. I think it is the most realistic portrayal of how life can so easily change when your child comes back into your life.

I can only hope that many more people see this movie and are exposed to the human side of reunion with lost family in life. Even though this is not a movie about adoption at all, it still has great potential to shed light on that difficult term that is reunion and all that can come with it.

My heartiest Congratulations to Mr. Ruffalo, I say job very well done!