Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Thoughts Follow Up...She Loved It!

So, if you have been reading my blog for some time, you know I have a little thing called Happy Thoughts when I share some of the more inspirational tales or appreciative stories about my journey as a birth mother. Many of them have revolved around someone telling me something, or showing their support in some way. I love doing them because I know that they are for one, appreciated by many out there and for two, well it makes my heart feel good about what I am trying to that adoption can be a positive thing for all parties involved.

Well, the other day I posted Happy Thoughts 8~Polaroid Smile. A short, sweet story about that first time I got a letter from my daughter in her handwriting, not just a letter from her parents. I shared my thoughts and feelings about how much that little purple note meant to me, and how it continues to lift my soul all these years later. I mean, it is not often that adoptions are so open that the mother and daughter really know each other. So I put it out there, sharing just in case there is a birth mother or adoptee who needs to see that it can all work out, it can all be comfortable, and it can all be good in the end.

I never expected anything from the post, meaning I just thoughtI would write it, read a couple of comments and then move on. Well, yesterday afternoon I got a message from Bella herself and the smile and tears that followed were there for a very good reason. I asked and she enthusiastically said yes when I told her I wanted to post her response to a story she had never heard. And now, I give you another lift directly from Bella, my amazing daughter.

Bella: "AHHHH! I loved this blog.

I was desperately bored at work a little bit ago and I saw this (Happy Thoughts 8) and I read it and it just made me sooo happy. I remember taking that picture and i remember writing the letter and sending it to you. When you are little you never realize how such a little gesture makes such a difference, but I realize now how special it was for you. I love my birthday roses sooo much.

Well I just wanted to say hey."
Kelsey: "Do you have any idea how much you touch my soul? Of course you could not have known what that small gesture did for me, and I write to let you know just how much you mean to me! That note stayed in my wallet for many years. It helped me through some very hard times dear, so always know that I carry you in my heart! Thanks for telling me what you were thinking while reading that post."

Bella:"Im glad that I brought you joy today because you sure did bring me some joy with that blog!"

I am one of the most fortunate women I know, and I mean that. I have been rewarded time and time again with small words that speak volumes to what my children think of me. I thank you Bella for always seeing me for who I am, and I am a woman who loves her children!


Anonymous said...

You are an amazing woman, mother, birth mother, and friend...your friendship has been one of the most important of my life. You touch everyone who reads your words and who is lucky enough to know you!

LeMira said...

I'm so glad you posted this. It gives me hope as a hopeful adoptive parent as well. I want my child to feel the same way and have a relationship with his/her birth mother that resembles yours and Bella's.

Sally Bacchetta said...

Kelsey, you have sown and now you reap. You are fabulous!!!

MrsPerrbear said...

I LOVE IT!!! Kelsey, you continue to be a source of light, hope, and insipration to me and so many others. I love you Momma!

Angie said...

So touching and uplifting! Thank you! You & Bella are so blessed! Peace & smiles to all! Thanks to both for allowing to post.