Saturday, July 10, 2010

Giveaway from Birthmothers4Adopotion

Thank you Desha and Jessa for hosting your very first Giveaway, The Best For You for a lucky mom!!!! These two fantastic ladies are birth mothers who have a passion for supporting other birth mothers. Their site is just loaded with information about adoption and they are both very positive ladies ... and not to mention they have hearts of GOLD!!!! If you have not seen their blog, I encourage you to go there and check out their awesomeness!

I am one grateful gal for having the pleasure of knowing them, my fellow Bravehearts!!!!!!!!

This is a Site For Birthmothers By Birthmothers

They are also having a Vote for a Logo contest, a few of the samples are at the top of the page and here! So many things to see over there!