Sunday, June 6, 2010

Winners of the R House/The Best For You Giveaway!!!!!!!

Well, I thank all of you who entered in this round of giveaways! How are the winners picked? By the very technical process of writing names on paper and then putting into a hat for picking ;) I think picking them by hand makes it personal and also quite fair. The three winners this time around told me why they wanted to win the book, and when I went back and read their comments, I felt the need to share their words with you. All three have different reason for wanting to win, and all have wonderful attitudes towards adoption. The thing that amazed me, they all are wanting the book for three specific but different reasons. I am humbled by their words, but at the same time thrilled to be able to offer them something that may just be what they are looking for!!!

Congratulations to you all! To the others out there that entered, I thank you too! I will be doing another giveaway in about a month, so be sure to stay tuned.


"I really want to win a copy of this book for two reasons. 1) My twins were adopted 5 years ago and this book is so perfect and so different from the other adoption books I have that I'd love love love to have it to read to them. 2) I work at a treatment center for teenage girls. 4 of the 20 were adopted and have significant issues with feeling like they weren't wanted or they were just a mistake. I love that this book talks specifically about that issue. I really feel like this book will be very beneficial for 'my girls' to read. Thanks for writing such a special book."


"And finally, I would love to win one of your books because we are about to adopt a baby in about 2 months. Even though we will have a very open adoption (our expectant mom is very unexpectedly, a family member, so when I say very open, that is an understatement). It would be wonderful to have a book to read to our little girl, that explains in words they understand what adoption is all about."

Not Just a Birthmom

"I would like to win because I want to give my son a book that lets him know how much I love him, and explains to him that I didn't just "give him away", I made the best choice possible for him. I am also hoping that by giving him this book, it will prompt his adoptive parents to tell the boys they are adopted sooner. Perhaps they can use it as a conversation starter, or they can use it to help share their stories of adoption and how their birth mothers love them and did what was best for them."


LeMira said...

Congratulations, winners! You're a group of LUCKY DUCKS! Love reading your stories, too. :)

Sharon said...

YAY! I'm so excited! Thank you Kelsey!!