Saturday, November 10, 2012

Adoption Avocation, life heritage and ghost stories ... oh my!

This photo was used courtesy of The Bacon Party on Facebook.

Okay, my post on Tuesday was a little weird. But I cannot stand to see people hurting in our Country and not receive the help that they need. I am off my soapbox.

Instead, allow me to explain my sometimes here sometimes no attitude towards blogging lately. I took it upon myself to run for the local School Board and I had no idea just how much time it would take from my regular routine. It was a three month blur of talking, meeting, talking, smiling, listening, talking and making sure people knew not only who I was, but what my platform would be.

I did this because a one income family does not have extra cash to spend on a campaign. Besides, nothing makes me more irritated than to hear the National Candidates’ spent over a billion on their campaigns. I don’t want to buy your vote, I wan to talk to you, tell you my ideas, hear your concerns and then let you know that if elected, I am going to work hard for our students.

My approach worked. Despite not having a committee to back me, yard signs to plunk strategically down the most driven streets and no experience in the position I was running for … over 2,500 people in the community voted for me. Guess a reputation can make a difference in an unknown candidate. Because to tell you the truth, I bet there are more kids in town that know who I am than adults. I volunteer quite a bit, and make it a priority to give each kid my undivided attention so they know I am there for them. Not me. Not anyone else. I am there for the kids.

The election ran so well for me, that at the end of the first count I was one vote ahead to gain a seat on the Board. One Vote! If that is not democracy, I don’t know what is. And if you think to yourself, “my vote does not really matter,” well this is key evidence that it does!

Now we move onto counting all the absentee and provisional ballots which could be finished soon, but could take as long as December 4th to determine who the Board member will be officially. In the last update on the County Recorders Office it said I was behind my opponent by 30 votes. That is still a very small margin, so more waiting will follow.

So, yes, now I know how Bush and Gore felt in 2000. I now know what a long wait means. I now know what I could have done differently and what I did right. Either way, I am thrilled that so many believed in me and chose to give me a chance in this election.

But this is a blog about adoption, and it is National Adoption Month so I SHOULD be writing about that topic, not an election that for some is now history. I want to write, but just cannot keep my mind off of the future here and now. I have tried, but have failed to write coherently what I want to convey. SO instead of babbling on, I will leave you today with this post from NAM two years ago. It is a post that will provoke thoughts, perhaps some anger but mostly I hope it brings some deep contemplating about what you can take from my words.