Sunday, August 19, 2012

Foster Care Needs Help

I tell ya, people come in my life and people go out of my life. This past year, one woman came into my life who has helped me see things differently, taught me to take some time to explore what it is that is out there and to recognize that there are many more possibilities through adoption than I could have ever imagined.

I am speaking about Jane Ballack, the chief editor of Adoption Voices Magazine and the author of Your My Second Momma, Aren't You blog. She is one incredible beacon of light, not just for me as a writer but for many others out there who need and want to understand all the different facets of adoption. She writes her truths and is not afraid to share anything with anyone, especially when it comes to adoption.

She posted on her blog yesterday about Foster Care and included a writing from her husband that explained the impact that one little video had on him while he was waiting for Jury Duty, of all things! Curious as a cat I watched the two minute video. So glad I did.

I know several adoptees that came out of the Foster Care System through the Internet and I have to say they are some pretty spectacular people! I cannot imagine growing up and not having someone there to say "Good Job!" or "It will all be alright" or "Come here so I can hug and kiss you silly." I cannot imagine that because I had love growing up. But when you see that there are so many out there who do not have that kind of love, stability or happiness in their lives it hits home and makes me think, how many kids could be helped if people knew that Foster Care is not an evil entity? How many kids could wake up in the morning knowing that someone was waiting for them to open their eyes just so they could hug them? How many kids walk around wondering if they will ever feel unconditional love, wondering if they will have to go their whole adolescence alone?

The thought makes me want to go out and adopt them all. But alas, I just cannot do that. No one can. However, if one would just consider Fostering a child then there might be a way to help many children who would cherish a family. Any family that they could call their own.

Take a moment to watch this video that was shared on Your My Second Momma. Aren't You. And if it does not appeal to you, please share it with others you know because they may not know of all the children looking for families.


Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

Thanks for the video. I will share it on my blog in the next few weeks.