Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Stellar Review of The Best For You

Thank you to Robyn for this insightful review of my book. I think this just might be one of my favorite reviews yet. Why? Because Robyn really took the time to convey how the book touched her family, and she went so far as to explain why some may like it, and some may not.

I am so appreciative of people who not only take an interest in the book ... but take the time to share it with their readers and others they may know. You are so kind Robyn, and I would call you friend any day!

The Chittister Family: Book Review: The Best for You

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ROBYN Chittister said...

Thank you Kelsey! I'm so pleased that you liked the review. We love your book!

Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

My books are supposed to come next week. I thought she did a great job of really looking at the book from different angles and making sure she wasn't just taking on point of view.

I hope that I can do as good a job when I review your book....once I am a little farther out from surgery, and a little less Dopey. ;-)

I hvw bwwn having Guest Bloggers, and yesterday;s blogger is from a mother who adopted an older child, who was her biological daughter's age. I though you and your readers might be interested!