Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Intriguing Talk About Adoption

So, last I left you I posted for The Open Adoption Examiner where Lori is conducting, and rather beautifully I might add!, a book tour. Idea is that a group of writers, most in the adoption world and a few not so much, gather together to review and share their thoughts on a book. That book is Found: A Memoir by Jennifer Lauck. What AMAZING conversations are going on within the comments sections of just about every post, my eyes are literally tired from reading. Like a magnet to metal, I have been glued to the screen. Her Tour is where I have been for the last four days!

The best aspect of this tour is that the author herself has been making the rounds, reading right along with everyone else. She has been kind, thorough, and intriguing in her comments but always with a curiosity and gratitude that for me, is quite refreshing. Others have made her think, just as she has made us think. I have to say that her voice has been fascinating to read.

I cannot try enough to convince you to get over there and read some of the honest, intriguing, heartfelt, views that are coming together to talk openly about adoption. The old saying food for thought is not close. This book tour has become a place where everyone keeps talking, communicating, and sharing together for enlightenment from ALL sides of adoption. I will share with you the link again, and encourage you to take some time this weekend to visit, read and think. 

Found Book Tour