Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Letter

The week of Thanksgiving I wandered out to retrieve the day's mail. Looking through the stack of bills and pizza ads I was pleasantly surprised at a thick envelope with familiar penmanship. It was a card from the twins mother.

Now for years and years, like clockwork, I sent Thanksgiving Cards to the parents of my children. There is no better time of year to show gratitude than around Thanksgiving. I cherish the Holiday for that reason. I think there are too many times that we forget to say it, or neglect to say it. I rarely missed the opportunity to send those cards to the parents and I always signed it .. "Thank you for taking care of my heart."

But this year, I did not send those cards. Not because I am no longer thankful for them, but rather I just became too busy the week before to pick them up and send them out. So to receive this unsolicited letter with pictures, news articles and a letter ... well it was just HEAVEN! It made me feel really good to hear from her and to know that she was thinking about me and my family. She took the time to put it all together and send it at a time we all say thank you.

She had amazing things to say about the boys, but this post is more about how touched I was that she wrote to me. People try to convince me all the time that Open Adoption cannot work and even when it is kind of working, there will eventually come a down side. In their minds, that is their reality. In my mind, this one letter sent just to say hello is a testament to the fact that indeed Open Adoption CAN work. AND ... it can give hope to others that their relationships can be as respectful and compassionate as mine is with her.

So here's to you Mrs Espizino (not at all her real name! IT just sounds cool to me) ... I thank you for lifting my heart with your kindness and I am so very thankful for you being you!

Next time I'll tell you a few of the details from said letter that made Bruce and I smile with Pride!