Saturday, May 14, 2011

Great Post About Mother's Day From Another Mother

So, an aquaintance of mine on Facebook left a comment on a question that I posted on my fan page about Mother's Day and Birth Mother's Day. We got into a conversation about the controversy about the two days and boy oh boy did I love what she had to say! I asked her to blog for me, but it must have gotten her thinking because she posted her own thougths on the matter and again ... I  loved what she had to say!

With her permission, I am reposting her mind here on my blog and I sure hope you read her thoughts. She is a passionate woman who does not advocate for adoption, nor does she advocate against it. Matter of fact, she does not advocate at all. She just speaks her mind and her truths as she knows them and I, for one, am glad she is out there! Thank you Etropic for sharing your brilliance with all of us! Soooo glad you read that question that got you thinking ....

My Adoption Ambivalence ~ It's That Time Of Year Again