Friday, March 25, 2011

Top Adoption Blogs According to Adoptive Families Magazine

The award above is taken from AF website and is a direct link to their photo.

Just found this list and thought I would share. Of course there are many adoption blogs out there that deserve recognition, far too many to count. But this is a collection of 20 blogs that got the Kudos from the readers over there. Let me note, there is only ONE blog listed that is written by a birth mother, and only ONE blog listed that is written by an adoptee. To me, it seems that there should be more from THESE voices because it is those people that will give you the real insight into the world of adoption. (Not saying that Adoptive Parents, or AP's, don't know adoption, but their view is soooo different from the others. After all, they are the ones who eventually get to love the child as their own.)

Anyway, it is a nice list and I hope that you find some new reading material among them. I am sure it was a daunting task to just choose 20, I know that I have at least 70 blogs that I read on a weekly basis. And just for the record, many of them are from the birth parent side.

Thank you for making this list Adoptive Families, and in the future I hope that you consider just a few more of the first voices and the living it voices of adoptees and birth parents.


riversnake said...

I couldn't agree more, Kelsey! While several great blogs were acknowledged I was floored that only 2 of twenty represented the opinion of anyone other than adoptive parents. Especially when compared to the fact that 2 of the twenty are blogs written by women who are not members of the adoption triad at all! So first parents and adoptee's only received half the recognition of people who are not personally involved in adoption but infertility and reproductive assistance instead. Very disappointing...