Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Kinship Center ~ Education in Adoption

Thank you to The Kinship Center for highlighting my post about the difficult question I had from a reader. Education is so important in adoption, and that education is a never ending thirst that many have in our unique world of adoption. This is a beautiful post that begins with the story of a birth mother who is a speaker, and she invites her relinquished son to join her at her presentation. The way in which the writer describes the way he watches her speak is quite touching, and brought a smile to my face. Open adoption can be an amazing way to live, when it is done right and there is mutual respect within all the parties.

If you have not hear of The Kinship Center, take a look at their website. They are all about education in adoption, and it is fantastic that they offer the views of the birth mothers who can testify to how communication in adoption is really the key to making it a success.
Link to the post ~ Answers to "Tough" Adopotion Questions


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