Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sundays With Sande

Sundays With Sande is the reposting of my mother's life story. I began to tell it last year, but did not complete the tale. This series is a way to catch up on who she was and why it is important to tell about this incredible woman who supported adoption with her whole heart. New posts will begin in March.

This week the story continues with two installments. The first is the love story of my mother and father, a quick account of the love that was once there. The second installment is the fall out of that love, and the ever changing aspects of Sande's life. You will beging to see PS in front of all the post titles while you are reading, that simply stands for Pretty Sande.

Pretty Sande and Phillip The Goose ~ Chapter 2 in her life

PS: Sande Leaves for St. Louis ~ Chapter 3 in her life


A Life Being Lived said...

I have read your older posts and think Sande was an amazing woman!!! I love to hear about your relationship and admire her so much. No wonder she has an amazing daughter.

Kelsey Stewart, Author said...

What an incredibly wonderful thing to say! Thank you so much for telling me that and I am glad that you enjoyed reading her story. It is so important to remember that there are so many more that are affected than the birth mother in birth families.

And I can only HOPE to be as good of a mother to my boys as she was to me.