Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Once Was Von ~ Amazing Voice in Adoption

My blog reading list is a diverse one. My view of adoption is for the most part upbeat, but I know that it is not that way for everyone. I follow all sides of the triad and to tell you the truth there are many blogs that I read that are not in sync with my point of view. I have learned that you have to read ALL sides of the triad, be them happy or not so enchanted with adoption, in order to really educate yourself about the adoption world. Some voices surprise me from time to time with their knowledge and outlook on things that sometimes I have never thought of. I understand that there can be contradictions in this vast world of adoption blogging and I embrace those who teach me new things or make me think differently about the life we lead.

Von says -
Those who are judged the most harshly by others are often the most deserving of understanding.

Once Was Von was one of the first blogs that I found and I have since been a loyal reader for over a year. She is an adoptee who lives on the other side of the world and has a brilliant mind for telling it like it is. Her posts are diverse, her writing is smooth and her ability to make one think about what she has to say is beyond any other blog that I have found. We have exchanged comments and points of views from time to time and I have grown to respect her the way an athlete respects a coach. (I am not saying that she is a coach, but that is how I look at her while I am reading.) She does fantastic research for her posts, often bringing up points that go unnoticed in the real world but shine in the adoption world.

She recently posted something that made my blood boil and at the same time opened my eyes to the statistics of teen pregnancy here in the States. It was mind blowing, it was thorough, it was shocking to see what is going on here. I commented, then asked her if I could share her brilliance with my readers and she was very kind to oblige me. I will share it with you and then encourage you to put her on your blog list because voices like hers are so VERY important to read. I am so thankful that she is out there, speaking her truths and reminding all of us that there is so much to think about when it comes to adoption. Hats off to you Von!
Once Was Von ~ Teen Pregnancy


MrsPerrbear said...

I have read Von's blog for a long time as well, and agree that she really does have some fascinating information to share. My favorite post of hers so far was this: http://eag-oncewasvon.blogspot.com/2010/10/cheese-with-that-whine.html.
Exactly what I needed to hear at the time I found it, and the only post of hers I have ever been brave enough to comment on.

Von said...

Kelsey I'm very touched by your post here and your thoughts and I shall treasure your views and this post.As a senior adoptee I have the time some of you don't have to look around, as a senior adoptee in a country where we have our rights I feel passionately about the injustice done to those who do not.
MrsPerrbear please come along and comment, your view are welcome and needed.The more we all comment the more the true voice of adoption will be heard.Glad you liked "cheese with that whine".Hope to see you soon!